Sunshine's Bio

Sunshine is a Certified Personal Trainer by ACE The American Council on Exercise™, and AIFE The American Institute of Fitness Educators™. And has received many Awards one of them was The Freddie's 2009 Finalist Award. Sunshine has over 3 Decades of Physical Fitness Training Experience, With a Unique combination of proper nutrition and effective exercise programs Sunshine is assisting many to lose weight Safely & Keep it off while living a Healthy Lifestyle. Sunshine's NO Nonsense realistic approach allows all the clients to understand their potential, build their confidence, and achieve realistic goals.

Sunshine has 16 Fitness DVDs from Very Easy Sitting Pilates Exercises to Extreme Circuit Weight Training Exercises. The DVDs have 5 star reviews from hundreds of Satisfied clients, in Amazon, EBay, Wal-Mart and more. Sunshine has 2 Books. Easy Healthy Fun & Tasty Cook Book with recipes that are from Natural Ingredients. Living In The Light, Is a Inspirational Book with Daily Inspirational Messages.

Sunshine's message is: Making The World a Better Healthier Place, Physically , Mentally and Emotionally One Person at a Time.