• Judy, R.N.:
    "With Funcercise, I went from size 20 to 12!"

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  • CORINA, EEG technician:
    "I lost 6 sizes using Funcercise in 12 weeks. It Feels GREAT"

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  • Dr. Allison, M.D.:
    " I lost all the weight I gained since my knee surgery...You trained me safely and diligently with resistance bands & light weight Exercises."

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  • Colette:
    "I lost 20 Lbs. in 12 weeks using Funcercise."

  • Jeff:
    "I lost a 100 pounds!!"


  • Jill:
    "I like bringing the bands to the beach for a relaxing workout."


  • Monique:
    "I lost 25 Lbs. and 6 sizes in 12 weeks."


  • Netalia:
    "I Lost weight while watching my favorite TV shows."

  • Igal:
    "I use Funcercise while watching TV."

  • Rob:
    "Funcercise is my Gym on the beach."

  • Mike:
    "I use heavy bands on days when I can't get to the Gym."

  • Nancy:
    "I Funcercised and regained my strength while losing weight."

  • Pat:
    "This is a fun way to exercise."